SURF ATM Finder App

Developed for client Synergent, Corp. as an application to help Maine Credit Union League customers find surcharge free ATMs.

Many of Maine’s credit unions have come together to form the CU24 SURF ATM Alliance. With a network of more than 200 surcharge-free ATM locations throughout Maine, members of participating credit unions can save an average of $300 a year in fees and not find fees hidden someplace else.

In addition, a number of CU24 SURF ATM Alliance locations give hundreds of thousands of Maine credit union members the ability to not only access cash but to also make deposits, surcharge-free.

This application uses location based services and web-based data integration to find ATMs near the customers location.

Users have access to information about each ATM location, such as telephone numbers, web site, and the kinds of services offered at the location.

This application took full advantage of Synergent, Corp.’s existing web data service.

For more information, visit the Maine Credit Union League website or download CU24 SURF ATM Finder – Whirlidoo, LLC