Is Facebook marketing worth it?

With Facebook limiting the reach of your Facebook Page updates, and rumors of more drastic throttling to come, is Facebook marketing worth it?

I recently ran a campaign for a small page that used an image to promote the “Get Notifications” option under the Liked button on a webpage. This is a pretty complicated subject for your casual Facebook user, I know. It’s one thing to elicit a Like for a Post update, a bit of effort to get viewers to Like a Facebook Page and then a completely different level of interest is required to get users to understand and turn on Get Notifications.

I ran a short $5.00 ad targeting the Fan’s of the Page and their Friends. Here is the outcome:


For $5.00 I got one person to Like the Update and one person to Like the Page, and 20 people clicked the image (one unknown “engagement” remains). There is no way to measure how many people actually turned on Notifications.

But, this begs the more important question: is Facebook Marketing worth the price? Will you be willing to pay more when Facebook continues to limit how many viewers your campaign reaches? Essentially, will you pay more for less?

About Eric Holsinger

Eric Holsinger has broad background in web and mobile application development. He founded Whirlidoo, LLC in 2010 to create custom mobile applications and better websites.
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